Monday, April 9, 2012


The Rescue
Even though a soul becomes shipwrecked;
if she believes in Me, I will save her.
The Divine Pilot
Have faith ... I came to get you out of danger andlead you to the port.
The Boat Departs from the Shore
Let us leave all that binds us to the earth
and depart to the other side.
The Boat is Afloat
Listen now and be docile...
I will show you the way to go.
The Mast and the Sail are Dressed
Take up your cross ... and be faithful
to the breath of Grace.
One is Oriented and One Departs
Raise your eyes... See the Star that has been given to you.

The Reefs Avioded
My child, watch with me ...
We must watch and pray without ceasing
The Rough Sea
Stay firm in your faith;
although I sleep,
my Heart keeps watch.
The Tempest
O, you of little faith, why do you fear
when I am with you?
The Calm
Do you not know that even the winds and waves obey Me?
The Work
Now let us let down the nets
and enoy the day.
The End of the Voyage
It is night. We are gaining the port...
We touch it: ALLELULIA!
Port of salvation
Jesus himself is the even pilot

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