Monday, February 13, 2012

FEBRUARY - 13th Day

O God so great, who has made you so small? . . . Love.
What do you ask in return? . . . Love
(St. Bernard)

Image © Holy Card Heaven used by permission


  1. Mary, my heavenly mother, I figuratively speaking,kneel before you. Please lay your holy hands on my head and ask our dear Lord to send the power of his Holy Spirit, into my mind and heart, so that I may know His will for me today. And for the grace and courage to bring it to fulfillment.

  2. I Know this is the time to prepare for Lent and giving our whole lives a turning, so we are better prepared for our King. I just learned this in church yesterday and am new to the faith. I feel so unable and don't see how I can possibly change; I have gone from Liberal Catholic Churches to cults for over 20 years...and now it seems I have at least Mary's hands guiding me and my 10 children to the truth. We currently have found the most help in a Catholic Church that practices the old Latin Mass.By God's infinite Grace poured from his mother's loving hands, from her prayers I have hope. God Bless You for this encouraging blog!

    1. Thank you for your wonderful story. It is appreciated. God Bless