Wednesday, September 15, 2010


All faithful souls should find relief
To share with Mary sorrow's flood,
While she saw die her Son in grief,
His Body covered all with Blood.

The sword of woe-how deep it won!
That wounded her pure heart with pain-
One God, her Father, Spouse, and Son-
Since by its force this Son is slain.

No keener could maternal woe,
Nor equal grief, be found than here:
For never could a mother know,
Nor mother love, a Child more dear.

The many torments her dear Son
Upon His wounded Flesh received,
The pressing pain of every one
Her grieving Mother's heart perceived.

While nail and lance and cruel thorn
Pierced deep her Son, the Mother's moan
Gave sign that in her soul was born
A grief to move e'en hearts of stone

Thus in her wounded heart and sore
Found place that sword of woe untold
Which Simeon so long before
In prophet's vision had foretold.

Let Mary's faithful clients all-
By Christ's dear Blood from sin made free-
In tearful light to mind recall
The sorrows of their Martyr-Queen.

To Christ the highest glory be!
And may the merit of His pain,
Joined with His mother's agony,
Eternal joys for us obtain.

Author: unknown
Use; Vespers and Matins on the feast of the Compassion of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Friday after Passion Sunday.

"It should help the souls of the faithful to lament the grief of Mary, as she beholds her Son die, bloody in all his body." The hymn of this feast offers a perfect specimen of rhyming. Juvet, on the principle that, if God's sinless mother knew suffering, we sinful mortals should not seek exemption. It should be noted that the poet, for the most part, pictures in this hymn the Blessed Mother as witnessing the Crucifixion.

Dominical Missal - 1943

Image © Holy Card Heavenused by permission

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