Sunday, August 1, 2010


LET us go back in thought before time was. Nothing exists but God; outside His eternal Being all is silent; it is the silence of nothingness. Nothing exists but God, for God has not yet created the world.

But the decree of creation is eternal like its Creator, and creation in its fullness already exists in the mind of God. And foremost in this eternal thought Christ, inseparable from His Mother, presents Himself: Christ, the first-born of every creature; Mary Mother of Christ, the first-born of women. For the Church puts into her mouth those beautiful words of the Proverbs, ch. viii.:

"The Lord possessed me in the beginning of His ways . . . The depths were not as yet and I was already conceived . . . . Before the hills I was brought forth.

The Virgin Mother - According to Theology
St. Anselms Society - London, 1888

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