Tuesday, August 24, 2010


image © Holy Card Heaven used by permission

Heart most similar to Jesus,
Pray for us.

(from the French - 19th cent.)
Bouasse Lebel, 787B


  1. Please mother, forgive me all my sins and help me to achieve my goal, give me admission to study law this year and change my English for i will for ever be grateful if u do it for me and will work Gallandly to convert souls for the lord.

  2. Thank You Mama for all you have done for me. i am still begging for more blessing from You and your Son.

  3. you are my mother and you know that, so, please give me what i want and let me pass the next friday exams and the others which are following please, you know it's too difficult but impossible for me to pass those exams but with you and your son every thing is possible, and i'm sure that you see and hear me now please do it for your servant Soheir Yassa. Amin

  4. HOW IS SHE she that comes fort like the morning rising? fer like moon brite as the sun terrible as an amy set in bartle aring. to you do we cry puor banish chiuldren of GOD TO YOU DO WE SET UP OUR SIDE.............................